Stephen's Frequently Asked Question

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Yes. I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance with Policy Bee.

Coming from a very mixed background I play around with several styles depending on the customer. For some shoots it is very formal, focus, serious and no funny business. Others, it is the complete opposite. I engage with the client and make them feel comfortable. If they want to pose we can pose, if I can capture candid natural shots. If the setup requires lighting and additional setup to make the shot look extra special I will notify the client before hand.

Depending on the scale of photography and clients requirements, photos can be sent digitally within 24 hours. If photos require editing, if there are a lot of photos or if it is a busy time of year, the maximum length of time would be two weeks.

I am based in the South of England, in Winchester, Hampshire and I would usually travel up to 3 hours from my home location. However for big/long events I am partial to travelling further and abroad to where you need me.

I first studied photography in 2008 on an American Exchange to Southern Oregon University. I was studying Drama at the time in Winchester. I wanted to capture the element of a story in a photograph. After having a lot of fun experiments with manual, digital and post-editing I returned to Winchester in search of opportunities. I landed a job with SJN Studios shooting events held at Winchester University. This was a great introduction to enaging with the public and capturing natual, fun shots. Over the years I had the odd few jobs taking photos for performance pieces at the University and it wasnt until many years later that I took things more seriously. After contacting a host of businesses and photographers I finally gained some work second shooting and doing sports/event photography. I am always learning new styles and adapting to the situation and client. I am confident to handle any scenario and make sure I capture exactly what the client requires. Always happy to help others and continue learning new skills ^_^

Having started out as that friend who had an interest and a passion for photography I understand the predicament. Hands up, I once shot on auto and was not really sure how I was getting results besdies framing photos correctly. Now I take full control of my camera and make sure I get the shot I desire and ensure I dont miss those key moments. This comes from years of practice and pateience. This is why you hire a professional like myself who has backup equipment, whpo knows hhow to handle different lighting conditions and can anticipate shots before they happen.div>