Hampshire Art Exhibition 2017

Following the success of last years launch of Hampshire Art Exhibition we have returned for another open exhibition showcasing work from local artists; established, new and old

Elizabeth Gilbert

I studied Fine Art at the University of Portsmouth and graduated in 2012. I work in a variety of media, producing small scale pieces in collage, watercolour, and ink, and creating larger pieces in acrylic paint. Recurrent themes in my work include use of social media, surveillance, and imaginary monsters. For more information about my work, including some short essays, visit my website: https://bmzie.wordpress.com/ or follow me on instagram (@bmzie)

Gilbert Yates

Winchester based photographer Gilbert Yates is passionate about creating beautiful images and recording special moments. He specialises in fine art and landscape photography of Winchester and the surrounding countryside.

Yasmin Thornber

28 years old part time illustrator. Creating fun and whimsical designs wherever and whenever I can https://en-gb.facebook.com/yazmoogle/

Annabelle Keyes

An art student at St. Vincent college who paints mostly portraiture and figurative oil paintings.

Kezia Hoffman

Kezia Hoffman is a Winchester based artist who runs the Granary Creative Art Centre at Brockwood near Alresford. She has been teaching art and running community engagement projects for over 17 years. She is a versatile artist, painter and sculptor working in mixed media often capturing a raw energy or spirit or playfulness in her work. To contact Kezia for a purchase or a commission please email:  granaryartsinfo@gmail.com

Daniel Laffoley

As part of an exhibition called "See Me"
I met with people to delve and explore our societies views on individuals with tattoos and other forms of body art.  My tattoos are an expression of my character and reflection of my past and present, I always find other peoples responses and views on them fascinating! 

Anne-Marie Murelli

A figurative painter primarily focusing on portraits and working in oil or watercolors. She aims to convey messages and personality of the subject primarily through the use of body language and color.

Claire Carswell

Painting in acrylics, Claire Carswell is best known for her abstract works, which incorporate her love of color, texture and multi-media. Claire also enjoys exploring acrylic techniques such as pouring, dragging and printing. Claire is also a keen photographer.

Craig Chalmers

Craig is a poet, actor and theatre making hailing from Bournemouth, now living in Winchester. Before you is a poem written in two parts, therefore displayed in two parts. It details the artist's first holiday abroad with his partner to Ghent, Belgium. The photograph is of course from the same trip and compliments the scene. Craig would love to refer you online to read more poetry but he's too scared to publish regularly in anything such as a blog.

Dickon Armstrong

Art and design has always been a huge passion of mine. I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil at a very young age and one of my strong points is my attention to detail. At the age of 14 (now 31) I was the youngest contestant ever to appear on channel 4’s Watercolour Challenge. Most of my inspiration comes from our industrial heritage and mainly from the age of steam. I have exhibited my artwork in many exhibitions and also keep busy with commissions when not working in The Great Hall, Winchester. When not doing my art, I spend time driving and maintaining vintage cars. Check out more of my work at www.holybourneart.co.uk

Kathryn Ward

Kathryn Ward  BA Hons went to Winchester School of Art for my foundation diploma, then the University of Portsmouth in 1993 to study my degree in Art and Design. At college and university I learned to draw and paint, along with learning the skills of silversmithing, printmaking including etching, ceramics, glass and metal casting. I believe my exploration into three dimensional art has positively influenced my two dimensional art, allowing me to see the shapes and balance in a potential subject for painting.  She enjoys photographing and painting local landscapes to Winchester, the sky usually becomes as important to me in the painting as the landscape features, or even more so. Her family and I are regular visitors to Lepe, our children loved to hunt for crabs and fish left in pools on the beach as the tide went out, and to explore the park and paths above the beach - often on a bracing wintry day - before settling down for a hot drink in the cafe. Her paintings are made from our memories not just of the place but the feeling - the crisp air and long shadows, the fresh breeze in the dry grasses and the slowly drifting clouds, the bright sun on the pale sand.

Maggie Cochran

These paintings were largely done en plein air while on holiday in Cornwall this summer. I try to capture the rawness of the Cornish coast and to engage the viewer with an embodied sense of being in that landscape. The paintings both capture a moment in time but also a sense of the time that has passed in creating that landscape. They often focus on those magical boundaries between land and sea, between sea and sky, and reference the shifting unpredictability of those boundaries. They are organic and atmospheric, often tenuous, rather than necessarily topographical representations. Check out more work available here: www.maggiecochran.com

Maxine Hutton

I am inspired and influenced by ancient spiritual mandala designs and eastern cultures. The paintings are intuitively created, and the use of bold colour is an important aspect of my work. I often apply a metallic element, and add small embellishments to finish the effect. Each piece is unique, and can be designed with the individual in mind. The mandalas are intended to draw the on lookers attention to the centre of the picture. Each holding their own focal point to aid relaxation, and meditation.

Natasha Mansley

I am an artist who enjoys drawing in her spare time. I am passionate in drawing fantasy and creatures. I have set up a Billy collection to represent Social issues and Mental health.

Pedro Alves

Pedro Alves was born in Abrantes, Portugal in 1977, currently lives and works in Winchester. In 2010 he completed his Fine Art degree from Winchester School of Art, in the discipline of painting. In the next following years his creative practice becomes very focus on oil painting. Pedro starts working for Morris Singer Art Foundry in Hampshire, in 2012. Inspired by this new medium and craft, Pedro now divides his artist practice between sculpting and painting. Pedro has exhibited in the UK and abroad, both part of group and solo shows. For more works by Pedro go to: http://www.pedrodealves.com/

Rosemary Trodd

Since a child I have always enjoyed mark making. Working in pastel, watercolour, acrylic and oil, often combining materials and media. I take inspiration from observing life.  As a primary school teacher I specialised in art and design, working in textiles, ceramics, sculpture and fine art. The last twenty five years of my  teaching career was spent leading art and design within a primary school setting. I have also played a supporting role in the development of creativity for early years children in Hampshire. I have always lived in Hampshire with my husband and three year old Pomeranian. I have a married son and grand children. As a family we love being outdoors. I love colour, finding experimenting exciting. I have worked alongside other artists and belong to several art groups. My work has been exhibited throughout Hampshire. Work has been selected by:   Rums egg Romsey,    New forest visitors centre Lyndhurst , Southampton art gallery. 

Paul Best

I have studied and qualified in Landscape Architecture and Fine Art. I have always had a love of painting from the very earliest age but it is only relatively recently that painting has absorbed me one more. It feels like I have taken a long journey to return to a first love! I have been increasingly selling my work over the past four years and now have paintings in collections across the UK, and in America Switzerland and Australia. I find painting the most immediate and expressive of all artistic practices. I am drawn to painting mainly landscapes and seascapes, which I believe is rooted in my particular love and understanding of 'landscape' in it's widest sense. In it's essence this is the connection between place and people at a specific time to create a 'genius loci'. I particularly like to work with texture and I mostly always use reflective paints in the work to capture and reflect light. I will usually combine the use of palette knife and soften this with brush work. I remain inspired by the enduring impressionist masters. Turner, Klimt, Monet, Cezanne, Matisse, Pissaro and also the more contemporary Landscape artists Mackintosh, Hitchens, Manrique, Heron, Rae ... and I would describe my paintings as broadly impressionistic.

Helen Clifford

I have been painting and drawing for many years and am inspired by the detail and patterns in nature as well as ordinary daily objects. I use a variety of media including both watercolour and coloured pencil, which are both represented in my entries for this year’s exhibition. I have exhibited at many local Hampshire venues for many years, regularly showed and sold my work at the annual MIWAS wildlife art exhibition, and now exhibit with Southern Nature. This year I was thrilled to have one of my tree bark studies in coloured pencil shortlisted for the National Open Art Exhibition.

Megan Attwell

Antonia Lesniak