Event Photography

I am fortunate enough to be have been part of many special days, events and festivals as a photographer. There are so many types of events that it is hard to specify one exact title for this page. I cover a wide range of areas from photographing: Theatre, Street Arts, Sports, Corporate, Product, Festivals and Documentary. Event Photography is one of my main specialties and what I enjoy most. The crazier the event, the bigger the expectation, the harder the work will have the more rewarding the overall result will be. Same applies for Weddings, if you classify your wedding day as a festival, casual party with lots of things going on, let me know.


Since University I have loved the idea of travelling and getting involved with festivals. There is such a raw energy of enthusiasm, from performers, audience and the staff where everyone mucks in. I come from a background of customer service and can engage with the public easily to make them feel at ease, smile and have a good time. I am by no means shy and will stand out, as required, to make sure I am seen and always snapping away.


By background in performance makes me stand out from other photographers who usually shy away in the background and don't interact with guests or the client. Depending on the event I will adapt this role or be incredibly active and engaging. I always want to make people happy and perform to the best of my ability. I look to working with new clients and maintaining relationships with current. I can provide video and editing in addition to photography as required. Overall I would love to photography your event and I will adjust pricing and requirements depending on the size and the budget of your event.

For more examples of event related images taken by me, please get in touch with either myself or the companies below as images are not allowed to be used here